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Hi YouAreHere,
Thanks for your post and vote of support.

Heh, here's the sad thing: I *was* addressing CW directly there ... however, the principles I was trying to explain do apply to any venue or situation, just as you illustrated.

Nope; yelling at someone does no good in the way of "forcing" them to understand your point. It just doesn't work that way. Telling them, "Read the damn book!" or, "Read my damn post!" also does no good in helping them comprehend, as long as they've already read the book or the post in question.

You can tell a listener they're stupid or stubborn or dense or Neaderthal all day, but none of those "drill sergeant techniques" will cause them to suddenly get "smarter." The *only* way to get your point across is to find a way to speak to the other person on their own wavelength, in a way that their experiences and way of looking at things can grasp.

Hmmm, other than that, I'll just say (without getting specific at this time) that I know all too well that my (last) post wasn't perfect. Much fault can be found in it. But rather than try to "make it perfect," I'd rather just "explain the imperfections" in another post later on.

And man, I better have my ducks in a row if/when that post arrives, because I don't want to follow it up with any further posts to CW unless my requests were already honored by then by CW.

God that sounds ugly. I sooo detest confrontations and ultimatums and shit like that. But everyone has a line of reason they have to draw in the sand, sooner or later.

Anyway, yes, to anyone listening: *please* try to keep your "tools of emphasis" down to a dull roar. If you find a really cool way to put someone else's ideas down, you shouldn't have to shout it out to make it effective.

And then of course there's that really weird idea that we could perhaps put some effort into getting along (yes even if it takes some empathy) rather than getting caught up in pissing contests with one another. "Ooh, I'm the smartest," "I have the best ideas," "You're some kind of a heretic," "I'm the best educated," or, fill in the blank. There's so many fun and creative ways to compete with people, and seemingly so few ways (all of them boring and uninteresting) of trying to play the diplomat and keep the peace.

But if you want to educate someone? Yes, do it from their level. Stop trying to force them to "rise" to your (superior?) level.

Wow, sorry about the rant. Anyway, thanks for your post, and its show of support.

Kevin T.


Thank you as well.

Wow! What a video! I just loved how they transformed this woman (who arguably already had a perfect face and body) into something even *more* perfect. Gods, those advertising people just don't know when to stop, do they?

Anyways ... yeah. I am in agreement with your entire post.

Solemn regards,
Kevin T.
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