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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
Kevin, that was a hell of a post. You're a good egg.
I agree wholeheartedly with this.

ColorsWolf, I don't know you well enough but from what I've read on this thread, maybe it's possible that you have a little more to do to free yourself from your old, aggressive patterns of thought and behaviour? You have demanded several times that people read exactly what you say and have several times seemed frustrated and angry when your meaning has not been understood.

It comes across as quite controlling which is kind of the opposite of how you wish to be. Change isn't easy for anybody and maybe it is worth thinking about and considering if you have more work to do to free yourself from the old you.

I did notice that you had revised your opinion on 'wild animals.' I'm interested to know what sorts of wild animals you have heard about interacting with humans and under what circumstances?

Oh - and one final thing. This video is very much in line with my view on why so many humans have such hatred for their own bodies. I think that the media plays a much bigger part in it than any sort of worry about nudity being morally wrong.

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