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I completely agree with what others have said. A friend of mine takes in "strays" quite often (both 2 and 4 legged ). The 2 legged strays are expected to "work" for their room and board, by doing all the cleaning, laundry, kitchen, bathrooms, dust, vacuum and general picking up. This situation is just ridiculous.

Now I haven't yet figured out how to easily disable all the electrical outlets in my house yet (bar turning off the breakers and pad locking the box), but most modern TVs and most cable/satellite services have "parental controls" that can be programed required to need a password during certain times of the day or for certain programming. My husband even figured out how to disable our wireless router during certain times of the day, so the kids didn't have internet access. Yes, I have teenagers

However, a discussion with the help of a marriage/family counselor might be a bit more productive.
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