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Galagirl ur great.

I think I have a tendency to let people run over me a bit. Take advantage of me. At least in my personal life, not so much with my business.

When my brother moved in we just begin getting our credit bills paid, We had been in our house about a year and our goal was to get them out of the way and to build saving ect. My brother put us behind on all of that and I see that could happen again. We have a financial plan and I want to stick to it. We have extra money (no credit card bills) now and I make more than I did them but I dont want to see us go back to where we where. My brother did give us some money when he lived with us, but not much.

Anyway, I dont know what happened between gf and her parents, Never really go into it. I did ask and got its complicated type of answer and never really pushed for more answers.

I do think wife is in the nre stage agian, It happened at first and It may have been reinvigorated when she moved in. I think my wife has a vision of how she wants thing to be and I just dont see it happening. She wants us all to live happily ever after, but this is reality and a fairy tale is just a fairy tale. Time to come back to reality and figure out what we all want and go from there.
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