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Worse! You have children in the home!

I don't know how to say this better but I mean it kindly ok?

Is that why the parents and the GF were having issues at the parents' house? They expect a 24 year old adult to contribute the household in some fashion -- rent, chores, etc? Now you get a moochy GF on your couch instead?

How is living beyond your means wonderful for the children to observe and learn? (And I don't just mean financial health means -- I mean all the dimensions of wellness. Mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, social health, environmental health, financial health, and occupational health. You certainly have been pinging in serveral of those.)

How wife's behavior wonderful for the marriage's recently improved finances after your brother's problems? To take on a NEW uncertainty without consulting spouse?

How's wife's behavior wonderful for your marriage?
  • Moving in GF without checking if you are on board?
  • Not spending time with you?

How's wife's behavior wonderful for the triad she wants to build so much?
  • How does this inspire you to participate in triad polyship with 2 partners that put their want to live together ahead of your needs and the kids' needs?

Your wife (and gf) are seriously trespassing your limits, dude.

That's all KINDS of being fresh.

How is ANY of this demonstrating loving/kind/considerate behavior towards you?

I am concerned your wife is in lala land -- head over heels with GF and not thinking straight. Is that possible?


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