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I agree very much with you about shame being destructive. Regarding bodies and nudity, I find it far more useful to be able to appreciate my body by thinking about the good things that it can do.

Running, sharing knowledge, working with dogs, programming computers, having sex spring to mind - lots and lots of good things. Things to be appreciated.

That way I spend less time worrying about being a bit overweight and less time focusing on the bits of myself that I don't like.

Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
As to your reference to myself, you have obviously not read my entire posts as it seems you may have overlooked some thing.~

I said when I was in highschool growing through puberty I had a very violent mentality.~

Being removed from that poisonous to me environment and homeschooling significantly changed my outlook on life, because I was lost, disconnected, and confused before and now I am discovering who I am as I live.~
I suspect that I haven't completely read all of your posts but I did concentrate a lot on the claims you made about non-humans and your use of them to justify your own world view. I prefer that non-humans be thought as individuals as much as humans are because they are and so I find myself a little irritated to read about all non-humans being lumped together in one mass as you seem to do sometimes.

Your words that I picked up on were:

From post 57
BUT every one DOES have some 'basic form' of 'respect', like "Don't touch me unless I say you can or I WILL HURT YOU!"
Repeated in post 66
My words of "BUT every one DOES have some 'basic form' of 'respect', like "Don't touch me unless I say you can or I WILL HURT YOU!"" I said LIKE AS IN AN EXAMPLE.~ This example is taken from the most basic of all seemingly natural "mentalities" of all "wild creatures".~
There is nowhere there that you say you now disagree with that sentiment. In fact, you were stating it as an obvious and 'logical' fact.

You also said:

From post 59
Like I said once before: I say what I mean and I mean what I say.~

Please do not inject meanings into my messages that I did not put there plainly to see again.~
So I took you at your word and was pointing out that all non-humans do not have a single natural 'mentality' and that hurting one another just for being touched unexpectedly isn't a common part of interaction between non-humans. Nor is it between human beings.

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