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Originally Posted by merry View Post
No health issues in childhood. When I turned 20, I had a blood clot in my leg (DVT) and lung (pulminary embolism) and was diagnosed as being hyper-coagulative.
Hi Merry,

Yea - I agree that you need to focus totally right now on getting your (natural) health back !
From your writing I'm going to guess that starting you on meds played a big factor in contributing to your physical and emotional slide and it's only been made worse by feeding you a variety of toxic concoctions. But now that you are there, it's going to be a bit of a project to get OFF meds and get to a state of natural health. Can't be done overnight. Dangerous at this point.
This is a huge concern worldwide right now - especially in the psychological field. Over prescribing of meds without sufficient long term effects testing. Long story that doesn't belong here.

So - focus on being healthy. This is very much an individual quest. Although others can play some supporting role, the bulk of the work is on ourselves. Be aware that right now your poor brain is likely a toxic soup and it's hard to keep focused on reality and priorities. Priority is your health !

Keep on keeping on

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