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Money is why haven't moved yet. Started looking for places when the breakup happened but realized that with my pitiful pay and Woodsmith not working couldn't afford any rent on places. Now looking to buy but need a co-signer to get the pre-approval because of my pay. My dad might be willing to do that. But isn't sure.

Why I can't live with my parents. One they don't really Artica of either the poly or the kink. Two my mother has a history of hitting me when I don't agree with her in actions or words.

Woodsmith's parents know nothing about our life and would kick us out of they found out. His mother already blames me for him leaving the church and just because of photos I've posted going to burlesque events (much let's if she knew I did burlesque or nude modeling) thinks of me as a whore and porn enabler.

I don't feel welcome or even safe really at my home. I never told anyone but I actually started looking for someplace in April. I doubted Woodsmith would understand my need to leave then so I was looking even just at studios. But I started feeling things were so tense between Lamian and I she would rather me dead than sharing a space with her. Now I find out the reason Seven is hiding is because he feels he would snap aggressively just being around me. I'm hate the feeling of being terrified of someone I've loved, cared for, and who meant so much of hating me so much he's afraid he would hurt me if he shared space with me.

I will be going to the party if they are staying home that day. I may still go otherwise. But no matter what I will not mention the kink aspect if only now for my own well-being.

I'm really hoping that my dad is willing to co-sign on three loan and we find a place. My leaving here is my priority right now.
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