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Dear Cattiva,

Why haven't you moved out of the house yet????

There is nothing, NOTHING that you have said--and I have been reading this blog for a while--that makes me think, "Wow, Seven is awesome, what an amazing guy." He is not. He is childish, manipulative, self-centered, and possibly emotionally abusive. There is NOT ONE good quality of his that I can see.

Your blog here has become really engaging to read since your relationship with Seven ended. I am really rooting for you. Your personality is starting to shine, and you have sounded more independent and thoughtful and HAPPY since August, even though you have been understandably grieving since then.

Earlier I had had to stop reading your blog--it was so depressing and one-note. Seven wouldn't make time for you, but he would make time for Peaseblossom. Seven's wife Lamian wouldn't compromise with you on seeing Seven more, even though she had a boyfriend of her own. I could not understand why you didn't move out of this emotionally deranged household. You sounded like a better, stronger person than everyone else involved.

Right now, Seven is acting like a sulky child BECAUSE HE IS ONE. He reminds me of my ex-boyfriend from college. He lived with another woman and I was comfortable with that, but he would sulk instead of talking to me when he was upset. When the other woman and I struggled to get along, he would tell me one thing and her another, while manipulating us both into thinking he was communicating well. She would flip out for no reason, and I thought she was crazy, but it was because he was lying to both her and to me.

The reason you, Lamian, and Peaseblossom ALL could not thrive while seeing Seven was because SEVEN IS THE PROBLEM.

He cannot continue to be your best friend either, because I have not heard of EVEN ONE THING he has done that is supportive of you or helpful to you.

I do get that you love him, and I understand your grief better than you know.

But you need to MOVE OUT AND FIND A NEW DOM. There is nothing else that will work here.

And WHY IN THE WORLD do you need to consider Seven's feelings regarding whether you go to the kink party on Halloween? He is not considering your feelings AT ALL. He is being a self-centered douchebag if he thinks you should wait around for an indefinite period to see if he can grow a pair of balls (er, I mean, to see if Lamian will let him see you again).

Go to the party. But not to make Seven jealous. Go because you need to move on with your life, have fun, and meet new people.

You've been doing so well lately. Your recent posts are interesting and show strong signs that you are healing and finding yourself. I am writing all this because I care about you and I think you deserve better than a manipulative, self-centered, emotionally stunted whiner who thinks he deserves a slave.

And that's my rant

Ignore Seven and pick out your outfit for the party!
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