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I'm not here to argue about what constitutes "normal" (common? typical? I don't know what the best word is), or what people hide about themselves in "normal" situations. I can only speak to what I myself saw, and if others were good at hiding their insecurities, then I was not.

Physical violence is actually a little *too* "normal" throughout the world, in my opinion. But I also have comparable opinions about verbal violence.

I perceive that you had some schooling in the "school of hard knocks" (not that my perception comes with any guarantee of accuracy).

If you don't want me to question your past/origins, then I won't question it. I guess basically you can decide whether to give any such questions I already composed the time of day. Not required, this isn't a test. (It does put me in a bit of a pickle when what I'm responding to changes before I can post my response.)

But, here's the questions I had already written:

So ... in your highschool experience you found that you were (compulsively) sharing your input (and education?) with far too many strangers? Public schooling can't be credited for specializing in personal attention.

Can you be more specific about what happened in pre-school to set the stage for what apparently would explode when you hit puberty?

I wasn't "privileged" to "enjoy" pre-school, I started with Kindergarten. Which was quite bad enough. My grade school was no example of kind/humane teachers and my Kindergarten teacher was probably the worst of the bunch.

Either we're talking about genetics here, or else we need to dig even deeper into the *experiences* realm. (Or both.)

It's fair to say that I wasn't born into a "sane" family. Which means, I was probably dealing (and continue to deal) with disadvantages in both the nature and the nurture areas.

"I sense much confusion within you and much more *fear* within you. You must be careful, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering, and *suffering* is the path to the Dark Side."
Yoda speaks much wisdom in that paragraph. Let's hope we can all pay him some attention (and get what he's saying) there.
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"

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