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Default Sorta Kinda New

Hi all -

I am technically new here, not having posted much, but I was gone for a bit and now am back!

Happily married for nearly five years to a great guy and poly for about three of those years! From the Philly area, I'm 50, he's 41. He and I have both already been through a few poly break ups, seems like it doesn't take too long to get your feet wet in that area. He is totally straight and has a girlfriend, I'm bi and have a boyfriend. (My most recent break up was with a girlfriend, one who had lived with us for awhile, and that one really hurt). We are not unicorn hunters, although it is interesting in that in the beginning we thought we'd try that out. Found out quickly it was not a great approach and we've both enjoyed our own relationships since then.

Anyway, I'm mostly here to meet new friends and find other poly folks of a like mind to talk to. I'm an artist, Pagan, work in academic.

Hope to get to know some of you!

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