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Ahem, can I just say that for me it isn't always about the size but the cum that comes out of it. That is also different with different men... provided that there is fluid bonding that is...

Women also have different vaginal fluid. From water like to thick and creamy, all very individual and so exciting to learn about.

For me, men can't be too wide. I have a tight hole haha... it's true but sounds ludicrous some how. I had a C section so nothing got stretched that way. I like any length for various reasons but really it's all how the thing is used.

As for pussy, I see advantages to different shapes and sizes... it's all just fascinating to find out about and spend time with. There is nothing better than getting to know a lover and spending time with their bodies to do that. Everyone is so different and rich...

Asses are a whole other thing to enjoy and are also widely different in their tolerance, look, the skins texture... everyone is basically different from each other. Big surprise there huh?
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