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Just an aside about dominance. Sometimes for me being dominant means seemingly stepping aside in order to appear to have no invested interest in terms of what goes on for my men. Smiling, being humbly grateful, saying it like I see it in a nonemotional way and baking cookies is actually a way of being dominate for me. I was protecting by creating a way for there to be no choice between nerdist chosing between me and his friends. Protecting by making it so it became obvious that I was the better chose because they continued to be idiots and I acted maturely and with every confidence that I had the upper hand in the situation.

I'm not saying you should do as I do LR, just making a point that dominance isn't always about aggressively or assertively taking action. It can be about standing back after creating a situation that will reveal the true nature of those involved in a situation. Nerdists friends could make the choice then, not nerdist. If they had chosen to continue bad mouthing me then nerdist would chose me. Because they chose to accept my hospitality into the life we were creating together nerdist kept his friends as well as me. They got to look like the good guys for being so accepting and I got to get rid of a head ache. All good.

I don't doubt you want to be there for LR 24/7 maca. Of course you do, I hope you realize this post was all about me and how I was personally more dominant in my relationship with nerdist at that time. Rather than this is how YOU should dominate. I just do things differently it seems sometimes.
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