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Well there you go. I said I perhaps didn't know everthing and that has been proven.

I was thinking of GG's family past rather than your past together. I understand the differences between my experience and yours. He has been in your life longer than they have LR. That makes a difference for sure, as does trying the fake smile root already and it not working. Maybe they are just chauvinists that will never change?

I guess I wonder what is going on for him behind all this. What is making it so difficult? It sounds like he has made an attempt, but not a good enough one for either of you. Has he said anything about what is going on for him? What his feelings are and what comes up for him? Maybe the whole thing triggers him in some way.

Go GG, get the job done! I hope something more satisfying comes out of the whole thing for you. How frustrating! You totally don't deserve to be treated badly. No one does.
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