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Thanks for the kind words :-)

As I guess any polyamorous person knows, there are many ways of being poly. We do what works for ourselves. There is no one way of being this way. For us, we know that having a plethora of relationships is not what we want. We feel most comfortable and happy with it being three of us. We know we can more easily divide our time for each other and yet not feel like we barely spend time together. Like I mentioned in a previous post, there are plenty of other people out there that want it the same way, we've dated some, they exist :-) We would like to find someone that wants to be a part of a closed triad. If one day we all want to add a fourth, then we will. Will she be able to have a child by us? No, and I guess we should have mentioned in our ad, we're 38 and 40. We've had kids already and can't have more, nor do we want more.

So sure, this decreases the amount of women that would be interested in us, but we don't care. If it takes us another two years or two decades, we won't settle for just anyone just because she's a bi female. And we wouldn't want her to settle for us either. We should all stick to want we want and get out there and get it. Whether it's one partner, two or ten.
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