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As I said before " my tounge hurts from bitting it for weeks now". I havent "gone off" on GG as of yet. Im trying to be patient and understanding. But really ? I mean LR and GG have been "together" for years before it was offical. I would think that if LR was willing to risk her marriage to me in order to be with GG behind my back then it stands to reason she isnt going to bail on him. As a matter of fact it was me that had to choose if I was going to stay in this relationship not GG.

As for his talk with his friends, IMO from what he told me he said to them, all he really did was say " cant we all just forget about it and move on"? WTF thats not dealing with 14 years of bashing someone you say that you love. Dont get me wrong I hope that all of them can work it out and move on. But its been years and its high time it got handled.

As far as the " its not a Dom thing its between GG and LR ". I would agree in the fact thats its somthing that GG needs to deal with for the piece of miund for LR. But as far as the D/s part, we are a 24/7 D/s relationship and as such for 24 hrs 7 days a week she is my charge to protect and care for PERIOD. I could never take her at face value when she says that she trusts me if I stand back and listen and dont take action. I REFUSE to do that to her.

Im realy not trying to bash on GG. Im planning on taking him out for a drink tomorrow to try yet again to show him what he is missing and offer way to help him. I was planning on getting my frustration with him off my chest but ...... Im not sure i thats the best course of action. Talking with LR about what Im dealing with and being able to write it out here on the board has helped me work through alot of it.

RP you know I love and respect you and I know you are trying to see things from all sides and I know you want only the best for all of us. As always I will take your words and reread them and think them over . You are a very wise Woman and I value your thoughts.

Peace and Love

" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl
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