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Wow guys, seriously?

First of all, I know legally we can't marry a woman, there are other ways of going about it though. Commitment ceremonies, can still have a ring, etc, etc.

Yes, equal, in everything other than the obvious legal things like a marriage license. Equal in sharing everything.

Out? Totally. We already are out to everyone we know and have done the whole "PDA in public" together before. No dirty little secrets.

And you wonder if we understand why we are finding it so hard to find our "unicorn"... I wouldn't say this has been difficult to find someone due to lack of interest in us. In fact we have dated many women. There have been plenty that do want this type of relationship, sharing everything, living together eventually and even an equal as a "wife" as much as law would or wouldn't allow. So, why are we still looking? Since we've dated so many and so many are into this? Why are we still looking? Well, why does anyone go on a date and not have a second? Or date someone a few times then not anymore? Things just don't click sometimes. The same as with any two people, only there's three.

Also, you mention what if she doesn't like to do the things we do, great communication, cuddling, etc, etc... what? Am I to not list anything we like to do together? If I were monogamous I guess my ad should just say "I like to do stuff"? No, I would say what types of things I like to do and am good at. If a certain woman comes along that likes those things too, then she would message me... it's happened before. So why shouldn't we do this here as well? And of course it says WE do this and WE like that, we're saying WE would like to find someone to do those things with.

And last, seriously, why do I feel like you guys are bashing? I mean, I simply posted something stating what we're looking for and it seems most of you are, well, assuming we're like EVERYONE else. Not understanding of the situation, not in it for the right reasons, not interested in what the other woman would want. What's the deal here? I just got here and you guys make me want to leave.
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