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Also, please notice you are very much wrapped up into your relationship, your coupled culture. WE love to cuddle, WE have excellent communication skills, WE are both used to a loving environment. WE mutually decided that we want a girlfriend for the both of us because WE feel awkward not sharing......what about what this other woman wants?

What if SHE doesn't love to cuddle, what if he communication skills are not excellent? She has an awful lot to live up to because you come as a package deal and that equals double the pressure.

Just because you don't want to be separated does not mean any woman can take the pressure of what feels like Mecha partner, rather than two individuals...even your profile name is so enmeshed into woman can ever feel like part of that it is just so.....coupled.

Do you know when a profile signs up with this sort of name "Cpl4u" "2seeks3rd" "maybe3"
"swcple" "cplseeksbif" you know that their profile will go unanswered and they just post their 'wanted' ad and never come back....if you want to stand out from this overwhelming crowd of WE WANT, than you are going to have to do a lot more than say WE WILL treat her like an equal, because you know what?? They all say that.
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