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Originally Posted by PolyMC View Post
Point taken, although that brought me up a little short with calling them "disposable" because that's not how I see it nor how I would ever want it to be perceived.
If you've made an agreement—without their input—that will see them cast aside without notice or a chance to argue their case what else would you call it?
Originally Posted by PolyMC View Post
I will never enter into any relationship (nor take the existing ones with "M" and "T" to the next level) if I don't believe I can fully commit to it or feel that "A" is not on-board. I love them all enough to not want to hurt any of them. And "A" is not the type to agree to something and then "pull the plug" and do a 180 down the road.
If he's not going to change his mind, why make promises about what you'll do when he does? I'm not saying you need to just tell him to suck it up and deal, but at least put a limit on how long the "if he ever can't handle it" veto phase will last once you start a new relationship.

A week? Sure.
A month? Yeah, maybe.
A year? Probably not.
10 years? Hell no.

"Ever" is too open-ended.
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