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Originally Posted by fugue View Post
However, she may have contributed to some degree, as I do know they process together. She has expressed to TPG (and he, to me) that she is uncomfortable with me not wanting to know or hear about her—and as such I believe she has been emphatic about meeting me (and texting actively while she knows he & I are together, knowing I've told TPG it bothered me right now).
If the pushing to meet you is something to which she is contributing, look at from her point of view. She already considers you to be "in with the in crowd" so to speak. You are the one with history with TPG; you are the one he went back to after a break up (must be something special there); and he probably talks to her about you as much as does you to her. She probably fears rejection. Or that if you don't like her, then TPG will ultimately choose you and go questing for a new girl you do like. Texting during your time together sounds like insecurity to me.
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