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i often dont have "penis in vagina" sex with most of the folks i sleep with. i find it hard to get hard with people i dont trust very well.
i think this stems from a lot of fear and concern over pregancy and also some fear comes from doubts and insecurities about my size, but it has also turned into a measure of how involved im willing to be with someone.

because of this though i have more opportunity to work with the sexual tools i appreciate more anyways, like my toungue and my hands. i love going down on folks, much more than i like "piv" sex, so im kind of ok with it all.
also, i love bums, and being a bit smaller could possibly make that more of a possibility with lovers too.

there are upsides and many positives. also alternatives! dildos are fantastic. my friends have built themselves harness' for their dildos and they have fun fun sex. and really, no penis is bigger than your hands can be.
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