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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
That doesn't upset me, it's their definition of poly and that's fine. It's just not mine or yours. .
It doesn't upset me, Mark. It threatens me because this is the community I am struggling to be comfortable in and it is full of uncertainty. There is almost a group mentality of sexual opportunity as opposed to a group of like minded people supporting each other. I understand this is exciting for some, for me it just pushes my mono buttons LOL!

There is no uncertainty in what I feel right now, the love and commitment to Redpepper and the well being of her family...I just don't know how I will feel about some things in the future, so I am simply not going there and I have comfort in is a very freeing aproach, and I want all of us to always feel free

I am enjoying my love for Redpepper in a completely new and often overwhelming way. There is no doubt I am happy and look forward to every second I spend with her.
Take care and thanks

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