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Originally Posted by Cherrypie725 View Post
But he has a hard time seeing into the future of "us"... he wants to have a family and he doesn't want to just be "on the side" forever. I understand that... but ....
You understand he wants more than you're willing to give him, but....what? But you want what you want?

Honestly, there should not be a 'but' here.

He is on the side and you're not promising him any more than that.
He has no reason to think he can ever have children or a family with you.

When we love someone, we want what's best for them, and expecting him to spend his life with half a relationship, with no marriage, wife, shared home, or children, when he clearly wants those things, is not what's best for him.

Do you love him or are you merely enjoying NRE and don't want him to take it away?
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