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The cool thing about this lifestyle is that there is no rule book or manual, so everyone gets to make up their own rules- whatever works best for them.

And things have tended to shift a good bit for me. I entered this lifestyle as part of a couple and we desired "our third" because it is such a powerful desire for most men (as mentioned before) and it's the perfect (ideal) situation for the bisexual woman in a relationship with a have a woman for both of us to love! Well- that hasn't happened.

Because I desire the triad and it's obvious that my options are much better if I identify as single and I seek a couple......I have changed how I identify myself. My options increased immediately but I quicky realized that these triad relationships take time. I realized that there was no way I could have devoted my attention to just one couple. Some of that might be age. When i was younger, I felt like time was no object, but now that I am older, I approach things differently.....And now I am dating two couples regularly as well as my primary male partner and my secondary male partner.
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