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Hi! First post.
Thank you for sharing, all of you. I am in a position of having a wife who is more bi than we thought at the beginning of our six plus years of a good relationship. I had stuffed myself into monogamy because that was the right thing to do and I do not cheat. Now. She is looking to have a gf for sex she says, but I suspect a loving relationship is not out of the question. I am having to rethink and refeel my orientation and choices re poly, which many years ago, I thought, was THE answer to all my longings. I have been reading about poly and realize this is not for sissies. I am also at a place where I am opening up again.
How does this relate to a unicorn. I would like a triad of loving togetherness, shared life in al it's messiness and chores. I am becoming more fearless again and I wish you, Unicorn, to find a couple who can respect you, cherish you and see you as autonomous as you are a part of the group. Yup, inequity is part of life. No such thing as fair all the time. We expect much too much and become resentful as a result. How we work through this and what actions are next is what makes the person a spiritual and hopefully authentic individual. Again - thanks you for sharing Unicorn and all others.

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