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Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
I'm curious, from those who are secondaries: how much are you a part of your bf/gf's life?
We are a family. There is no exclusion, intentional or otherwise.

Are you kept completely isolated, and a secret from, from their friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, or anyone else?
No, and honestly I wouldn't have an interest in being excluded. If we met as people and didn't like each other, that would be on thing, but being removed intentionally would be annoying, at this stage, for all of us.

I say at this stage because shit happens and things change. Just a matter of how and when.

Is your relationship known to some of the people in your partner's life? Is there some integration, but some people from whom your partner chooses to keep your relationship secret (or private, if you prefer?)
Everyone in our world is poly friendly or family friendly. No one is excluded and there is no secrecy.

Or are your partner's friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers as much a part of your life as they would be if you were a spouse?
Yes.. heck even my metamour. I get along great with his family.. haha

If your partner, or the two of you jointly, decide to keep your relationship private from some or all, what are your reasons?
When we all first got together we didn't scream it from rooftops. We simply let things lie until we knew more as a couple of couplings. As we got more involved and more intertwined more people knew. Some we intentionally came out to, otherwise we simply let see our relationship for what it was, without labels. Its not to say we aren't out.. we just didn't give it a label... we are a family, we live as a family and we are accepted as a family.

Lastly anyone who wasnt poly friendly... We ditched.. period. Not worth out time to put that much work into friendships which just became annoying more than productive.
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