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Default M/F Couple Searching for Our Mrs Right

Hello, our names are Chris and Michelle. We won't say too much about who we are and what we're like because we like to leave all that for conversation. But we'll throw this out there... We are both very affectionate people, love to cuddle, love going to new places around town and occasionally enjoy going to concerts. We love being outside as much as possible. We like sunshine, people watching, the beach and conversation.

We are very happy and secure in who we are as a married couple and our relationship together is outstanding. We possess excellent communication skills - therefore we do not yell, fight etc. We are both used to a loving environment. We are happily married but we mutually agree that we have a longing for finding someone to share her life with us. To share her interests with us - an equal to love honor and cherish... some day even as our wife. Our wife, not just Chris' wife or a sister wife to Michelle. But a woman that would have a deep loving relationship with us both. So what we are looking for would be a full blown EQUAL relationship between the three of us. A closed triad (poly-fidelity triad). We are not fans of labels like primary and secondary. We want our relationship with someone to eventually become the same type of equal commitment the two of us already have with each other, but for all three of us.

We have dated a little and never did find anyone that had the same ideas of the type of relationship we are looking for. We had also tried dating separately and found shortly after, that was definitely not what we were looking for. We felt odd not involving each other in the experiences we were having separately.

We are very much real and normal people. We don't have TONS of drama in our lives and we are definitely not flakes. We are 100% into meeting someone. We currently live in the Chattanooga, Tn area but will be moving to the Los Angeles, Ca area some time next year. We like all nationalities and are also open to seeing someone in any location. If you think you could be "the one" or know someone you think we should get to know... send us a message.

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