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Thanks for the welcome :-)

We've actually been on some other sites and FaceBook groups for a while now... a couple years. And we've been actively dating for that time as well. True, there are a lot of people that bash unicorn hunting. And there is more than one definition of a unicorn as well. I'll just say this, we are not looking for the type of unicorn that is "used" to fulfill any kind of fantasy. Nor do we want to find someone just for a short time then toss to the curb. We have seen plenty of people like that, and honestly they annoy us. Because of the "using" and for what they make the rest of us look like. Plus, we don't care for using the word unicorn only because it's been used in such a negative way and so many people seem to hate the use of the word.

Soooo, this post was initially intended to be just an introduction but I got kinda carried away :-) So I'll be re-posting it in another section.

Again, thanks for the welcome!
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