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Hello, thanks for the hellos and the responses.

I love hearing everyones unique dynamics. Just being here and reading has really helped the bit of self-confidence and jealousy that needed working on, and thinking about. Thank You! Seeing that my feelings are completely valid from the good to the bad is really great. I was wondering a few times if I was being uptight about somethings that were my ideas to begin with. Now, I see it's quite natural to have those feelings, and being honest is totaly the best way to deal with it.

Idealist, I would love to read the poem. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. Right now we are dating one girl together, but essentially I am open to dating outside of that dynamic (BF has continuously suggested this, and I told A this was something that would happen when I was ready). I'm just slowing submerging myself and my relationship into the lifestyle instead of a complete head dive

"Letting your partners know that you care about how they feel during each step of the process. Honoring the bounderies that each person might have. Being willing to wait until a partner is ready to move to the next step. These are the things that make it work !!! "

I love this!!! What great advice! I am being completely open and honest (it's in my nature, that's why this works for me to begin with). I think that BF isn't being completely honest about how much he really is attracted to A. It would be better if they would both be honest about that. And A, well she's a whole 'nother story, and I posted in the "new to poly" forum about that issue.

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