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Originally Posted by Dstone View Post
I agree,....I think you should let the 2 of them folly and fall in love, and you should encourage it. Stop fearing your relationship stability with your husband, and start encouraging their closeness, but continue to build your relationship with her specificity as well. You and your hubby are already set in your standards and ways, and someone new, and a new love for both of you, is always exciting. Let her one-on-one with him and give them their space to discover each other in a deep meaningful way. Those fresh feelings will spill onto you and her one on one with you as well, but you have to let it. Let her fall for you both, in a separate way, and together as a group as a secondary to this. You should not interfere with their one-on-0one, as it would only take away from something of possible great potential between them, witch will spill onto you in a good way. As well, continue to pursue her, just the two of you one-on-one when you can, and bringing the 3 of you together whenever life lends itself to doing so. Lots of attention, communication, and affection in all directions is the key, and if jealousy starts to appear, then overcome it by allowing the opposite of what it is suggesting. True companionship comes from allowing others their needs without holding them back. Encourage their feelings, and let them know you want to feel it too, first hand, all together, both seperately, and as a group, each in its own way.

just my thoughts on it,...Dstone
My impression was she and he are dating the woman mutually. Perhaps it WOULD help if she stopped thinking of the woman as "his" girlfriend, that she intrudes on....and instead just builds a mutually satisfactory relationship in which all just naturally move forward together.
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