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Welcome to the forum. I hope you find it useful. There is a wealth of information--some good and some bad.

My only concern is your husband's tolerance. Tolerance can sometimes wear off when reality sets in and shock leaves. He is tolerating your need/want for others, but he does not accept that part of you. Acceptance is important to me and can lead to incompatibility and very different opinions down the line.

I will say is easy to make agreements and think one can handle the reality vs. theory. Often that is not the case. Can poly/mono marriages work? Yes, but it takes understanding from the poly person that the mono person has sacrificed their want/need for monogamy and has to be okay with a host of things. I learned these lessons the hard way, so I would advise you to proceed with caution and not rush anything. I would encourage your husband to lurk or join and read the various threads.

Just take some time and ease in to this because it is a change from what you both have been used to for years. People tend to crack like eggs when they move too fast and then everyone suffers. Poly can be rewarding for some.

Feel free to start a blog here: Life Stories and Blog, or continue to explore the threads. Post questions if you have them. There are quite a few seasoned polys on here, and some of them offer really good advice.

Good luck and enjoy!

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