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I don't like the concept of "having authority" over children as if they were little slaves that had no minds or thoughts of their own and needed to be commanded in order to function.~ This is why I reject the way many Humans treat their "pets".~

I see all creatures, whether they are Human or not, as freely thinking functioning individuals capable of making their own decisions and choosing how to live their own lives regardless of what any one else may think.~ I understand the want to protect them, but be careful "protection" doesn't go too far and become "control".~ Some times they may want help and guidance and other times you may feel like giving it to them even if they don't want your help or guidance, for the last part it is up to you to do this or not.~

Although personally, I wouldn't like any one who is not actually an "Uncle" or "Aunt" to be called one by my children or any one's children if we are connected in a parenting sort of way to the children and/or to each other as in a lovers sort of way as I would find that very weird because of the way I grew up knowing and using those words.~

I actually have nothing against those who choose to marry or have a romantic relationship with their siblings, but that's not the point, the point is I find the use or "Uncle" and "Aunt" used in this way to be demeaning to all of our relationships to each other.~
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