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Thanks Ry!

Well.. my date with MrBrown was pretty good. We talked about a lot of the issues that were present during the summer. I was afraid, before I went, that he would get under my skin again and I would feel the neediness and clingyness again that I SO not want with him anymore. But things were good. I think we're in a healthier place. He is great, but he is not THAT great - there were a couple of moments last night and this morning when he actually annoyed me a little, which I thought was a good sign - I've stopped idealizing him.

It probably does help that things with Brig feel really nice
We have 2 dates already planned, good communication. Oh I do like him a LOT..

Ren's new girl is having second thoughts. She came to our house this weekend (I wasn't there) and my obvious presence (books, stuff) upset her. She is probably too mono-minded, she thought she could handle it, but now that she's falling for Ren, she's starting to feel jealous.
This did trigger some things for me and I think I need to discuss these issues with Brig as well.

I feel bad for Ren, but fortunately he wasn't crushing too hard yet, and he says that even if there will be no romantic connection, he hopes they will remain friends.
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