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Originally Posted by MostlyMarried View Post
I always try to say what I feel, so I have a hard time understanding when people are expecting me to read between the lines.
Doesn't sound like he hid his message between the lines at all.

I've often seen the comment, from poly people, that just because they're poly doesn't mean they want to date or have sex with every guy that comes along. Conversely, just because you're now poly doesn't mean every guy wants to date you.

In fact, it might almost come across as arrogant and/or insulting that you explained to him why a part time relationship with no hope of marriage, family, and children, and the likelihood of being kept a secret from many people in your life might be really good for him, then went on to let him know that he should really reconsider--as if his own initial thoughts on the matter were somehow lacking until you helped him see the light.
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