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Thanks for the responses, all. I guess it's pretty clear, looking at it from the outside. I was hoping that if I could give him more information, ease his concerns, that I could change his mind. I always try to say what I feel, so I have a hard time understanding when people are expecting me to read between the lines. I'm sure I was coming off as needy and desperate, but I didn't like the idea of pretending I didn't care; seemed too much like playing games. I was always able to justify it by saying that he was shy, and wouldn't make the first move, would doubt my intentions, that a lot of people probably didn't stick around long enough to break through his shell, and that he was probably really lonely. In short, I was probably projecting my emotions onto him; all too easy to do when he never really projected a voice of his own... I've deleted his contact information, so as to remove the temptation.
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