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Gosh, that must have been quite a roller-coaster of emotions, two (three counting the second funeral) events of very different themes back-to-back to each other like that. Death is so scary to me. I can only imagine how scary it is to your aunt at this time. You mentioned that she seems lost. I think the death of a loved one does that to us. We can't wrap our minds around the idea that they're gone, and instead we feel like we've somehow gotten separated from them. "Where did he go, and how can I find him?" Lost seems like a pretty good description for that.

It is fortunate that Si wasn't at the wedding. Perhaps she deserves some credit? She knew she wouldn't be able to handle herself properly at the occasion, so she quietly bowed out. At least she made the right decision, I'm pretty sure of that much.

I'm glad these events all had such a wonderfully celebrational air about them. Helps make it an overall positive experience. By the way, I didn't realize Matt was a kitchen wizard. I probably spaced on the memo; wouldn't be the first time.

Will you be back home soon? You must be ready for a rest (you know, a return to normalcy). Hope all goes smoothly for the balance of this year.
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