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Thanks Meera!

Me and Hank had a bit of a rough time with not getting enough time together due to his course, but I think we're in a better place with it now. We've managed to schedule one evening a week for us. Obviously we see each other on some of the other evenings as well, but it's very unpredictable, so sometimes it's like 2 hours and sometimes Hank comes home late in the evening and goes straight to bed. So I only know I'm going to see him that one evening a week. Which is way better than before when we didn't have a plan, it was just like 'We live together, so surely we'll see each other often enough'. We had a really good conversation about this a week ago. I felt we both understood each other better and were able to reach some conclusions. I felt deeply connected, heard and understood.

I had a birthday party this weekend and it was great! I was with Hank on Friday evening and rory was here almost the whole weekend. I got a lot of alone time with her, as well as time with both rory and Hank together. It was really good. Rory has started dating (very early days, they've been on two dates so far) a person I knew before she did, they met at mine and Hank's housewarming. I'll call her Lily. So Lily was at my birthday party as well. I really like that rory and Lily are dating. I was actually looking for a place with Lily and another poly woman before me and Hank decided to move in together. If that had happened, rory would now be dating two people who live in the same apartment. Anyway, obviously I like Lily, otherwise I wouldn't have considered living with her in the first place. So I am happy that they've found each other. It's too early to say anything yet, so we'll see how it goes, but they do seem to like each other.
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