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Let him? I didn't request that he do that, or that she let him. I thought they were both nuts. Still do. I told him the minute he mentioned it that we could reschedule and that we absolutely should.

I don't believe I am being selfish. I entered this relationship with the idea that he was going to be able to hold up his end - I need face to face; I can't do long distance relationships. I want someone who is able to see me more than once a week. He assured me it would be fine. So far, every week something has come up and he has to cancel and switch things around, or just not see me at all. I don't feel like I am a priority. I need to feel like I am. I have rescheduled with him, but it has always been to add more time, not to take away time. I have spoken to him about this, and he agrees this is the case. I told him, again and again, it feels like, that I do not want to be a booty call, and him coming over on one day, him sleeping over and then leaving, well, that says booty call to me.

I love him. I really, really do. I just don't know how to make my absolute need to see him more than once a week balance with what it is we have. I am not ready to break up with him, but it really is reaching the tipping point where emotionally I can't handle it.
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