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So C kicked my butt at WarMachine, which I expected, but he taught me lots so that was cool.

Before heading home I realized I had an hour to kill before having to be back at the house to prepare for my party tonight, so I messaged M to see if he wanted to meet for that amount of time. He said that would be great, but then said he asked his wife and though she said sure, he thought she didn't mean it so he couldn't come.


I don't think it should be this difficult only 3 months in, should it? I told am from the get-go that I cannot handle a relationship where I am having to tiptoe around a metamour, and I need more than once a week face time to feel secure. I am especially feeling like crap right now because D is leaving this coming weekend for a business trip for a week. I was hoping that giving M an hour to see me briefly would help me feel better, but instead I am left feeling worse.

I feel more and more like he came into the relationship with the thought that his wife would be ok with him being poly, but from my point of view that isn't the case at all.
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