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Default Things are good!

Things are good in my world and I want to share that since I know how important it is to hear about successful polyamory situations.

I am spending the day at Richard's house today. He is working in the winter garden. His 18 year old son lives here (he is a senior in High School) and Richard's ex wife lives here- I'll call her Meg.

Meg is cooking a nice Southern style dinner (we call a home cooked lunch dinner in the South) and we are waiting to watch the Saints game.

Richard has a secondary partner (I will call her Marla) at his other house on the bayou where he spends the weekdays because he works in that area. He comes home to this area on the weekends and splits his time when he is here between his house and my house. When we want privacy, we go to my house and when we want the family atmosphere, we come here!

Now we have the Beach Condo that I just purchased, so we are planning Thanksgiving there! Looks like his son will join us and possibly Meg too since we may need her to drive the son down- so she might as well stay and (I hate to say it- don't judge) but it would be nice to have her there since she is such a good cook!

It is possible that Lee (and maybe his wife Judy) will be joining me at the beach before Thanksgiving week which will give us private time together. Lee and I have been getting closer and more emotionally involved now that Judy is feeling comfortable with our relationship.

Something interesting happened last night and it was a first since I've been poly. I was invited to a really awesome lifestyle party last night and I decided not to go! I am very social and normally I would have gone because I like meeting new people.

Apparently I am (finally) at a place where I am content with the relationships I have and I am not feeling like I need more relationships. This is a new place for me to be and I'm excited about it.

I have the foundations of people (right now) in my life that I am content with and my desire is to develop relationships with these people. I feel like I have reached an important place in my poly journey which began 3 1/2 years ago.

I also have a few long distance mono friendships that are important to me and I will be spending time with them in November also!

Business is slow and I have some concerns about the economy, but when it comes to relationships, things are good!
The key to life is in being fully engaged and peacefully detached simultaneously and authentically in each moment.
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