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Well, I am off to play WarMachine today without M. This will be my first time at the game store without him, but C is meeting me there at noon to help me with my army. I offered to meet him for lunch prior, to see if he'd bite, giving him a good out to let me down easy, and he took it. So, either he's just a big flirt or he's scared of me. Either way, I think he's a dead end. Not upset in the least - I have made a good friend.

I joined a local sci-fi book club and went to a meeting Friday, and got asked out to a trivia game last night. I already play pub trivia 2 times a week, so it was super cool that 3 of the people in the book club play in the same league! They recognized me almost instantly and that was very cool. I'm famous! Heh. Anyway, the one chick I carpooled with was really nice, and we had great conversation coming back from trivia last night about dating and sex. The other two guys were very different - 1 seemed quiet and both times now he has been just staring at me from a distance and not engaging me directly. Not sure what that is about! The other guy has the same name as C, which is something I find funny - because I am silly - and he is definitely putting moves on me.

Before the book club was even finished he had friended me on Facebook, and he burned up my message feed most of the evening. Same thing during the day Saturday, and he complimented me and talked to me lots at trivia. Hilarious - he made a comment about liking the style of my shirt, and a friend of his said, "What? That it's low cut?" and the entire table burst into laughter. "We all can appreciate that!" Poor C2 was left floundering.

Anyway, after trivia he chatted with me on Facebook for at least 90 minutes, and he was laying it on pretty thick - saying how he noticed me back in July when he started playing trivia, and then again last week, and then this week he was looking and thinking about me at trivia. I was kinda like, in my head, thinking, seriously, you want me to buy the idea that even though you just met me on Friday, you noticed me and have been thinking about me for months? Um, ok.

Oh, and then this morning he messaged me the minute I logged in, and we chatted for about an hour. I had to cut him off to go get ready to leave. I don't know how I feel about this guy - he is nice enough, and a good conversationalist. I will see him again - with M - at trivia on Wednesday.

I was talking to my husband this morning about how I must have been naive for all these years, but before I started dating as poly, I was oblivious to guys. No clue that they weren't just being friendly, that they probably wanted to fuck me. D said that I am a dork and of course that has been the case. It kind of freaks me out a bit, but looking back, he is probably right.
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