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I did not vote, since I am nobody's secondary. I think Mark can be seen as my secondary, due to the realities of life (physical distance of my two homes etc.) For him I should have voted "Less than half", due to very similar reasons than JaneQ.

We are all very private, and I'd say both my relationships have been extra private in the beginning. I told about CJ only to very few most important people until we moved in together. After that I let my co-workers know, and my bio family got to know about him only after we married. Still today most of my relatives have not met CJ, and probably will never meet. I go to the few family functions of my bio family, to which I get invited, alone.

I have started a similar kind of integration process with Mark, little by little. I have told about him to the most important people in my life, and he has met some of them. He has been very happy about being integrated into my life and being accepted by my closest ones. People who are not important to me and/or whom I know would disapprove, do not need to know. He has been introduced to some people as "a friend", and he seems to be good with that.
sharing my everyday life with
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