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I understand how my posting could make it look like we are talking about swinging and not poly but it is poly that we are interested in. We feel that our marriage is great and that expanding our love is like a compliment for it. I don't want to just jump in bed with people just because.

I have a friend I knew during high school that I have always had feelings for. I still have dreams about her. There was always some reason I could not further explore my relationship with her and now my wife has told me that I should go and do that. She likes listening to how I feel about her and the other people in my life. This person is not as close to me anymore, there was too much I was focused on in my life and I was not in the right place to do so. The thought of reinstating this friendship and making it more is very exciting to me. I'm just not willing to go and expand my relationship with this person if I can't fully allow my wife the same. I don't believe in double standards and I am working through this. That is why I am here!

Thank you to everyone who replied!
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