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Default Re: Christian faith

Thanks for the support, PolyinPractice. It's a little trickier than that, unfortunately. I really care about the Church (and its fuck-ups, but I believe there's good to be harnessed, learned from, and encouraged there, as well as lots of crap to be eradicated), and the all-loving, sacrificial figure I see as being the object of Christian adoration.

But a growing contingent within my faith thinks being gay is more than OK, and that makes me happy. My hope is that there may be room for polyamory to be accepted on some level, too (a few people, like popular/infamous writer John Shore, don't have a problem with it, which means it may be a view others eventually articulate, as well).

I think my best bet with my folks if I end up living in a poly situation is to keep it out of their sight and hearing. My previous/potential future partners (same people) aren't religious, so they don't have faith-based qualms, and one of their families also is unlikely to see it as a negative. So that's cool.
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