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Default how do you get around charges of adultery if married and poly?

If you are in a traditional marriage and also have relationships on the side, including sex, I assume that legally this would be adultery.

Now obviously it is not a moral issue if the partner approves. And adultery itself is not illegal, so no crime is being committed.

However...if the marriage ever falls apart and there is an unfriendly divorce, the commission of adultery by one partner only could affect the divorce settlement.

What are the legal ramifications here? What do those of you who have regular marriage combined with poly do about this?

Would a signed and notarized document giving permission for extra-marital sex be worth anything in court? (Of course, it would have to be recorded in some way or stored somewhere that the spouse could not destroy it.)

I assume that if both of the partners are involved in extra-marital relationships, this becomes a non-issue, since both are committing adultery and neither would gain an advantage in court.

I did a search for "polyamory legal issues" but all of the stuff I found was for setting up equivalents to marriage, not working within one.
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