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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Hi Dstone,
Welcome to our forum.

Well, it doesn't get much more unconventional than what you described, but it sounds to me like it works pretty darn well for you and your family. I believe I can handle it ...

I'm glad you could join us, and appreciate the time you took to tell us your story thoroughly and from the heart. I think Ry and I are both a little speechless after your generous narrative -- four posts! -- but it spoke to me in a way that made it an enjoyable read.

I hope you'll continue to enjoy your poly life, and that you'll gain many benefits from reading and participating on this site. Heh, I'll bet you'd make a wicked blog. Check that board out at

Good to have you aboard.
Kevin T.
I took your advice and started a blog,...Something I have never done before, so I hope it will not be too boring. Here is the link...
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