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The baby will be here in a few months, is hub going to be home with you more than he is now? Does girlfriend understand his priority should be his children first? Does he even understand that?

This is hard to accept but for our family, no matter how much we want some one else, to do something else, the priority will remain first on our children. Our kids did not vote to be born, we made that choice for them. Even with a parent there, they can still be absent in the time they spend on-line and texting. The family should be the priority (imo) then your relationships with each other and others.

Is it possible to put poly on the back burner for you two right now? He probably won't agree with it as he is most likely experiencing NRE but the start of this relationship with girlfriend essentially began as cheating and not ethically. That would be hard for me to accept. Are you choosing poly because he wants it or do you really want to love more than him? Can you visualize yourself loving others separately from him? If not, you most likely will need to take a step back and assess what your want and what you need.

The biggest part of being poly successful is communication. If he isn't willing to communicate and vice versa, this will fail. Good luck and read, read, and ask as many questions as you feel you need to.

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