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Default Seeking Triad Advice

Bio: I am a wife, with a husband of 10 years, start dating beautiful girl 2 months ago. We all date each other: me and him, me and her, her and him, and the three of us.

#1 question: Her and the Husband have had sexual relations without me, but not vaginal, penetration sex. I know they both want to, just waiting for me to say "go", and where I don't feel much pressure, I do feel guilt.

How do I get to a place where I'm totally fine with this? They only thing I can think of is just to let them do it, and see what happens, but that sounds so risky!

#2 question: How does one become totally comfortable with their third seeing other people outside of the triad?

It's obvious that she has needs that aren't being met from being a third, but so far into this, she's deemed it worthy to stay unofficially monogamous to us. Then last night, she had drinks with another man and they kissed. ugh!

How do I get to a place where I am cool with her being with other people?

I feel like I'm supposed to be totally fine with them having sex alone AND her having sex with others .... but how??

I feel like the future of our relationship depends on me finding a comfortable place with these two issues.

Any advice?
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