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Default I can't speak for anybody else

Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Replying to a message from the thread that I originally brought the Poly Map up in...

Could you be more specific? Maybe we could make a better chart.

Well, Franklin's updated the chart more then once; I think it could be said that it's a work in progress...

Why you think that?

But my opinion of the author is extremely low, mostly because of his attitude exactly like the one shown in this "diagram" , which I do not blame anybody one bit for feeling it is offensive. It's my opinion that he crosses lines and does so in very subtle ways, subtle enough that he denies employing the very subtlety which people would find offensive.

Unless each and every one of his "attempts" at humor, are direct references to him, he isn't being funny he is being an asshole. Sex, sexuality, sex acts etc..., are all things which the author doesn't seem to have any respect for peoples privacy and that is extremely offensive. Because unless he had permission from the people he referenced I would say he has absolutely no right to violate a persons most personally intimate private moments, not for any reason.

It's been my experience that he pretends not to understand how anyone could see violating another's personal privacy as offensive, only he does not just come right out and directly say it. So becoming frustrated on top of offended is what typically happens which is not a good combination when attempting to resolve a conflict, esp one that is based on matters of respect and privacy.

That's just my very biased view on the author and the subjects that he views as funny, whether it's "ha-ha funny" or "funny queer" doesn't matter because in my mind, he shows no respect at all to humor and or comedy and even less to LGBT people, and he seems to do so in very indirect, subtle ways which when denied makes it impossible for any resolution to come from discussions.

Effectively making any and all discussions deleterious
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