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The name's Alexia, 22 years old, and living in Mobile, Alabama, USA.

I'm a college student at a community college, just finishing up my degree. I'm proud to say I'm openly bisexual in real life to anyone who asks, and I will admit, I'm curious to the whole polyamory thing, especially triads, and I have made it clear to a couple of close confidants, that I am curious on it. If not fully into it, I support it because I do believe in the idea of loving anyone regardless of gender or how many you love, as long as everyone involved knows, of course.

I do indeed have a fiance, who is, as he describes, "75% straight, 25% gay," but says he's bisexual. I think he's just nervous of guys... But, as I type this, I'm nervous of falling into the whole... "Unicorn Hunter" category.

To me, I'm curious on triads, but it doesn't matter who I fall in love with, whether my friends or family know about it or not, whether you're a girl or a boy, and the whole criteria that "unicorns" have to fit. It stings a little bit knowing that triads are kinda hard to come by, even harder if you're seeking it. I wanna change that, but, like my own relationship, it takes work, patience, compromise with all parties, not just two, understanding, and everything else. Right now, I can definitely say I'm not completely ready to look, but I am interested, and so is my fiance. Whatever happens with friends, happens, it shouldn't be forced or searched for, really. At least that's what I think.

And I'm ranting again... I will warn you, I have a tendency to do that often on my opinions, as well as get off topic... often. But I'm a person who is admittedly shy, and somewhat of a lurker, only posting when I'm inspired. Overall, my fiance and I consider ourselves to be pretty cool people to pal around with, maybe something a little more if fate intervenes for all three of us. Mostly, I think we just need new friends in our lives before we start getting lovey with a nice boy or girl.

Anything else? .....I like video games, and I'd love a career that involves art or working at home.
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